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Building a website is the most important step to anybody interested in any activity online and can help any business operating off line . Free website builder or web page maker can be used to make the task of building a Website or a business website easy for beginners . Please stay with me as we move through all the stages and steps to be taken to build a website starting with the first stage that aims to show you how to build your first website using free website builder within the chosen free hosting account , then we go through the easy steps of the second stage to demonstrate how to build or improve your business best websites  using the free website builder that can be downloaded as stated below and up to the steps of publishing , submitting and optimizing your business website to get high search engine rank. So let us start now with the first stage of how to build best websites :                           

1.Stage One : Start building your first website using the free website builder or web page maker within the following free hosting accounts or if you are comfortable about building website then please jump to stage two :

http://sites.google.com/ , 000webhost.com , http://www.tripod.com , https://wordpress.com/

Follow the simple steps in each account to start building your  new website  then add brief contents in the first page  ( index.html ) , add new page , call it ( about us ) then write brief historical review about you schooling or jobs and so on. Practice for few days building  websites  using different templates and editing  pages to get a clear idea of the whole concept and for easy website building .

2 . Stage Two: After building your first website successfully or if you already have a website but need to improve it , you have come to the right place ,so let us go through all the steps necessary to build a business website.

Step One : Planning Your Business Website : Please spend some time putting some ideas about your business and choose three main keywords that are related to your business and has less competition  when searching Google or Yahoo. I suggest making a reference to a Free business ebook called Affiliate Master course which you can download for free at  Here.  It is very valuable ebook as it shows you how to choose a business and then takes you step by step through all the stages necessary to build a successful profit pulling business website , it also includes all software needed to perform keyword research choosing your domain name and Affiliate Programs making it easy for you to build business websites.Think about how many pages to have in your website and make a sketch of the desired layout.

Step Two: Download a Free web page maker or Website Builder software . Download a free website builder  by typing in Google search window the following phrase (website builder,free download) but if you already have a hosting account, you can us the website builder  within your  hosting , you can also sign in for a free hosting account at: 000webhost.com And use the free website  builder or use Microsoft Front Page or Microsoft expression Web if already installed in your Computer .

Step Three : Choose a Template you can either download a free template , search in Google by typing (website templates, free download) or buy a cheap template by searching at Google (website templates) .Using a ready template saves you lots of time and money

. Step Four : Writing the Contents  Assuming that you have successfully selected your business website name ( include some of the chosen keywords in it) , start writing the contents which is the most important part of building business website, you need to explain in details your business indicating its advantages compared to others and putting lots of information about all the products and services that you are providing and any other useful related information making a reference to some useful articles and tutorials , keep in mind that you are writing to satisfy visitors to your site who might be looking for information first and might come back to buy from you in their next visit so put lots of information which is useful to your customers. Edit and recheck your contents many times and refer to similar websites and thousands of free related articles online , just type in Google  search (articles ,your business). List in the bottom of your Home page all URLS of your other websites if any . If you are an Affiliate , list all the links of your affiliate programs. Make another page , call it Contact Us , add a contact form that could be provided by your site build or you can download it for free by searching for  (contact form ,free download) , this will establish good relationship with your visitors  and increase credibility as you answer their enquires You can also make a page called About Us listing in it information about your self ,your business and services When you finish all pages , recheck all contents then move to next step.

Step Five : Domain Name Now you need to prepare your website to be published in order to get traffic so you need to choose a domain name then registering it through one of the Domain Registrar . I recommend  Namecheap , which is on of the most popular domain registrar service and is used world wide , the cost vary according to the type of domain or you can search in Google for the (best domain registrar) , then visit the site chosen and search for domain availability bearing in mind to choose a domain name that matches your website title .

Step Six :Web Hosting After choosing and registering your domain name , you need to sign in to a hosting account which is necessary in order to have your website live online and ready to be indexed by search engines .I recommend non free hosting so that you can have more reliable , versatile and high storage , Please visit  here  to register for hosting account with ipage which reliable and relatively cheap hosting company, Their prices are low and they offer  unlimited storage , bandwidth and free site builder .You can create a free Demo account and practice how the hosting work and check all the facilities they provide before purchasing the hosting .

Step Seven : Transferring your registered domain Use the transfer software provided by your hosting company to add your chosen domain to your hosting account which will be a directory within your hosting or use the domain offered as free by the hosting company.

Step Eight :Uploading your website to your hosting server Your website is still in your Computer and can not be visited by anybody so you need to load it to your hosting server to be seen by others .Sign in to your hosting account and use the built in file manager to upload your website to your hosting server.

Step Nine : Site submission After finishing step eight , your site has a URL :  http://www.yourdomain.com  which you can type in your browser’s  window and click go to view it online but only people knows this URL can visit your website  and since you want to use your website to promote your business , website submission is necessary .The simplest way to submit your website is to visit Yahoo or Google and type in the search ( submit site,free ), but the quickest way to have your site listed in Google is to type in Google search (Google webmaster tools ) then sign in with your Gmail account and follow the steps to submit your website.

Step Ten : Sitemap Having a Sitemap is not a must but it helps to have your site reviewed easily , a sitemap is actually a detailed list of all  pages in your site (URLS) including the name of each page. To create a sitemap,visit :                                                  http://www.xml- sitemaps.com/  Create a free Xml sitemap , save it in your computer then upload it to your hosting server placing it in the same directory as your home page (index.html), then visit Google webmaster tools to add it to your website list. It will take some time to have your website listed in Google ,Yahoo and Msn which could be from about a week to few weeks and when listed , you might find it among the first thousand websites so you need to follow the next step to have it optimized in order to improve its Ranking for it to be within the first hundred or even better.

Step Eleven: Website Optimization So you noticed that your website is among the first thousand or ten thousand in the main search engine pages and hope to move it up the list, here is what you need to do :

1.Submit your website to hundreds of directories and search engines ( other than the above main search engines) using directory submitter, here is a free popular directory submitter download .

2. Download a Free version of SEO software by searching in Yahoo for (seo software, free download) , download and run the software then follow all the steps suggested to optimize your new website for better search engine ranking and keep optimizing it every month to rank within the first two pages in Google ,Yahoo and MSN .This strategy is the best and cheapest way of promoting your business and will eventually drive lots of targeted customers to your website willing to buy your products or affiliate products raising your earnings much more than any other ways of advertising..


Well you have finished by now building , publishing , submitting and optimizing your website or you couldn’t do so because it really takes lots of time and you can’t  spare the time , I can understand that as you need to spend days building efficient business website but it is a good experience to build and promote your own website. Besides you need to spend some time to maintain your site monthly to get it rank high by the main search engines and trying to keep it there. For all those who can’t spare the time to go through the process of building their own profitable business website , We suggest the alternative approach below.

Alternative Approach

If you don’t have time to spare to build and optimize your business website , I came across a comprehensive turn key business and website builder called  SBI (Site Build It) which provide the followings :

1.Software to help you choose profitable and competitive online business.

2.Software to design and build successful business website including  keywords research tool.

3.The package provide the most suitable website templates.

4.Domain and hosting server are included.

5.Submittion is done using website submitters as part of the package.

6.Website optimization is carried out using software and online support.

7.Friendly and continuous help, guidance and support are provided and continues as long as you are registered .

  1. Helpful specialized Forum provide you with all the tools and support to keep your website within the first two pages of the main search engines . Get more information about the above Package in HERE

Information and testimonials from people using this package are provided in page  Here .

Congratulation for your success in building a profitable business website and for getting some useful information in this site and the related links .You might also like to check some of the related articles within this website. If you have any comments , questions and suggestions we will be pleased to hear from you , please use the form in the page( Contact Us) to send your comments and questions.

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